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ECG 24 hours monitor


ECG Holter system includes ECG recorder and software connectable to a computer system or laser printer. The recorder has built-in flash storage media to increase memory capacity. The sampling rate of 1,000 sampling/sec has improved the quality of waveform. Accuracy of the system is ensured by AHA and MIT data. Features: - windows software interface - quick and accurate analyzing system - special editing system of R point - perfect analysis function of ST segment - analysis function of T wave of all channels and T wave trend graph - review of ECG trend graph - analysis system of HR variability, providing regular SDNN, SDANN, RMSSD, LF, HF, time domain and frequency domain - QT analysis and QT trend graph - acquire pacing ECG directly without separate channel; Also have the functions of VCG, VLP, TVCG, HRT, TWA. (option) Recorder: - 12 channel Synchronized ECG Acquisition - small ECG recorder with OLED colour screen to display real time ECG waveform and review storage data. - capacity up to 2G - selectable sampling rate, 200, 500, 1000 sampling/sec - sampling accuracy: 12 bit - built-in FLASH storage media, to prevent the flash card from damage due to repeated insertion and pull out - USB interface - operating system: Windows 98, 2000, XP, 7

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Item #: 68755

Unità di vendita: 1 pc.
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€ 1.150,00 € 920,00
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• Scale voltage: 1mV±5%
• Standard sensitivity:10mm/mV±5%
• Noise level: ≤30μV
• CMRR: ≥60dB
• Frequency response: 10Hz as benchmark, 0.5Hz~55Hz; -3dB
• Time constant: >3.2s
• Scan speed: 25mm/s±5%
• Enduring polarization voltage: ±300mV
• Least measurence signal: 50μV p-p
• Interference between channels: scan track deflection (result from interference between channels) <0.5mm
• Product safety type: type B (internally powered)
• Size: 111 (L) x60 (W) x25 (H) mm
• Net weight: 105g (without battery)