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FLAT POUCHES 400 x 600 mm

Self-seal pouches consist of light green, polyester-polypropylene transparent film coupled to medical grade paper which permit steam and gas penetration during sterilization. Steam and gas indicators change colour when exposed to sterilization. 1. Reinforced corners to prevent dust from collecting near to the opening, reducing the risk of contamination during opening. 2. The laminated transparent film complies with the German standard EN 10/204. The medical paper conforms to the following standards: DIN 58953 (German), Pharmacopea 589 (French), pr EN 868-3 (European) and BS 6256 (English). 3. The chevrons allow rapid and correct opening. 4. These consist of one layer of laminated transparent film (special type polyester and copolymer polypropylene) and white damp-resistant medical Kraft paper, specially designed to assure a high anti-bacterial protection. 5. The heat-sealed lines (Multiline) are highly resistant and spaced equally; the external welding runs along the entire length of the pouch. Reels and pouches are certified and are manufactured according to international standards DIN 58953 and BS 6871, EN 868-5, CN 13485.

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Item #: 68905

Unità di vendita: box of 500 pcs.
Quantitativi minimi: 1
NSIS: 67037
CND: S01010101

€ 185,00 € 144,30
+ IVA 22%

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