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Thermosealing Machines


It is the latest development of the compact impulse medical sealers, conform to DIN 58953 P.7 rules, specially designed to be used in medical, dental, oculistic surgeries and test laboratories. • Main features: - Sealing and cutting length 35 cm - Safety check with alarm. - Main board with temperature control to avoid overheating of the sealing wire - Sealing bars closed by electromagnet Complete with foil-roll dispenser and built-in cutting device. • Easy : - By the pressure of only one finger, without using levers, the bars close automatically. - The electro-magnet guarantees a steady sealing pressure for the whole set period. - The sealing bar opens automatically at the end of the cycle, requiring no action by the operator. • Quick : - The electro-magnetic system allows a substantial saving of the packing time. Quick foil feeding. • Safe : - The machine does not start the sealing cycle if there is an object with a thickness over 3 mm between the bars. - The electronic temperature control through a NTC probe provides a perfect temperature accuracy from seal to seal. - The electronic alarm function avoids any overheating.

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Item #: 68907

Unità di vendita: 1 pc.
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• Sealed materials: paper/polyethylene/polyester - Tyvek
• Sealing length: 350 mm
• Sealing width: 8 mm as per DIN 58953 P. 7 rules
• Electronically controlled sealing time: 0.5 sec.
• Cutting length: 350 mm
• Foil-roll dispenser 350 mm
• Power: 230V- 50/60 Hz single - phase
• Max absorption: 700W, only during the sealing time
• Dimensions: 44 x 17.5 x 31 cm
• Weight: 18 kg
• Built in accordance with CEI EN 60204- 1 rules
• Made in Italy
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