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Thermosealing Machines


D-500 is a continuous sealing machine for medical pouches according to DIN rules 58953, P7 with dot matrix printer. It allows a 12 mm multi-line seal and features stand-by function and automatic infeed through photocell. D-500 is equipped with built-in printer to print different data on the bag (sterilization/expiry dates, statutory symbols) during the sealing process in order to provide constant control on the sterility of your instruments, especially when the paper layer of the sterilization bag is less tight, after 30 days, and consequently losing instruments sterility. Built in epoxy coated stainless steel. D-500 is a sophisticated unit controlled by a microprocessor and equipped with a device to adjust temperature (displayed by LCD) and printing parameters. The sealing pressure is automatically adjusted according to the material thickness. It also guarantees 30 mm safety distance between seal and product, according to DIN rules. All medical centres wishing to obtain certifications should use D-500 Sealer. Easy to use and maintenance-free, it is the ideal solution for clinics and hospitals.

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Item #: 68912

Unità di vendita: 1 pc.
Quantitativi minimi: 1
NSIS: Non è un dispositivo medico

€ 2.390,00 € 2.748,50
(€ 3.353,17 IVA Inclusa 22%)

• Infeed speed: 6 m/min
• Temperature control: by digital thermoregulator
• Sealing temperature: 80° - 200° C
• T emperature tolerance: ±2%
• Seal: Multiline
• Seal width: 12 mm
• Adjustable free edge: 0 - 30
• Power supply: 230 V-50/60 Hz-single phase
• Absorption: 600 W
• Dimensions: 495 x 220 x 172 mm
• Net weight: 12 kg
• Made in Italy
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