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Riester wall mounted ENT diagnostic station


The modular diagnostic station can be individually combined according to requirements and the room situation, it is variably extendable to the right and the left. The basic ri-former module is available with one handle and can be supplemented with up to 4 further handle modules. - 3.5 V xenon or LED illumination creates lighting conditions similar to daylight. - Optimum electronic efficiency using an adjustable dimmer - Constant output voltage independent from the mains supply prolongs the service life of the lamps and guarantees optimum light intensity. - Automatic switching on/off of handles when removing or replacing them in the handle unit saves energy and increases the service life of the lamps. - Non-slip, ergonomically designed handles with rheostat: infinitely variable regulation of brightness as well as manual switching on/off possible on the handle. - Spiral cord expandable up to 3 m. - Developed and manufactured in Germany (include 31800 + sphygmomanometer) available on request 120V - 50/60 Hz (include 31800 + sphygmomanometer)

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