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STANDARD WORKTOP WHITE 180 cm - left washbasin

The key principle in the design of this system is a total separation of the work surface (fixed) and the mobile units.The worktop is in a fixed position to allow bring together all electric and electronic wiring, as well as plumbing and waterpipes in to a single location. The work surface remains free to place instruments and electric appliances, can incorporate a sink and may serve as desk. mobile containers are all on on wheels and are the dynamic part of the system. they can be easily placed under the work surface, or can be moved by the users wherever needed in the working enviroment. Units are interchangeable and can be freely moved beetween rooms. Work surfaces are produced in a waterproof material covered with a high-quality laminated plastic, wich ensures long durability, scratch and wear resistance. A range of 4 containers, in 8 different colours with ergonomic full-length handles, can match with any type of work surface and meet any need and taste. Mobile units provid full access under the surface, allowing quick installation of any appliance, easy maintenance and repair, as well as the highest hygiene standards. • Made in Italy

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